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Bringing a Restaurant Experience…into the home!


Torus Pak® is a “Straight-to-Plate” packaging solution for single portion meals that features a removable base which offers the unique possibility to easily serve the packaged meal on a plate, and still have the food presented as the chef intended.


Performs Like All Other PP-Packaging


Torus Pak ® is filled and sealed as usual. Torus Pak tolerates pasteurising, MAP (modified atmosphere), and tough handling. Torus Pak is made of PP and can be heated in the microwave. The important difference is that it opens from the bottom by pulling the base off.


Torus Pak keeps it simple and we make it easy for you to get started.


All you need to present your meals perfectly  fresh and ready for your customer is:


* a Torus Pak tray

* lidding film

* a Torus Pak sealing machine

   (tooling for existing machines or machine rental is available)

* or a clip on Torus Pak lid is also available


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