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Vacuum Packing Machines

Vacuum Packing Machine

Vacuum Packaging is the best way to preserve and maintain the quality of raw food which is yet to be processed. Our vacuum solutions achieve 99% vacuum thereby slowing down the growth of bacteria helping preserve the quality of your food. Here at Sealing Machines Ireland we have a range of countertop and wheeled vacuum chamber solutions suiting all sorts of business from smaller butchers and restaurants to large supermarkets. Contact us today for more information or to discuss your requirements. 

External Vacuum Pack Machine (Dry Pump)


Stainless steel external vacuum packaging machine with 300 OR 420 mm long sealing bar and dry vacuum pump. It operates only with embossed or gusset bags.

  • Outside vacuum packaging machines

  • VAS System (Vacuum Automatic System): vacuum cycle, sealing and lid opening completely automatic

  • Sealing time regulation

Table-Top Vacuum Packing Machines

Favola Vacuum Chamber Machine

Counter-top vacuum chamber packaging machine.

  •  Digital, stainless steel made, set of volume reducers included

  • Electronic board with vacuum control

  • Sealing bar without cables for an easy and fast cleaning

Touch Screen Vacuum Chamber Machine

Table-top chamber vacuum packaging machine with sealing bar and 4.3” touch screen display, scratch-resistant and waterproof.

  • Functions: packaging up to 99% vacuum, with possibility of extra vacuum packaging (up to 9 seconds)
    • Programs: liquid packaging, air bubbles removal, marination, and MAP packaging

  • Manual and electronic Soft-Air included

Chamber Vacuum Packing (on Wheels)

Favola Vacuum Chamber Mobile

Vacuum chamber packaging machine on wheels. Removable sealing bar without cables. Ideal for

butcher shops and large-scale retail chains.

  •  Suitable for large-scale distributions, caterings

  • Electronic board with vacuum control

  • Sealing bar without cables for an easy and fast cleaning

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